It’s official, y’all. The weather in typical Charleston style, has not gotten the memo about what month it is. It is still in the mid 80’s and gorgeous…I am not complaining! Luckily though, my wedding schedule has gotten the memo and I have officially finished my final fall wedding as of yesterday (well…until November 26th when I have a “winter” wedding). So as summer seems to carry on here in the Holy City, I thought I would share one last, bright colored, vibrant filled, shoot that I did out at the Santa Monica Pier in August of 2014. While you look through these pictures, I suggest pretending you are on the beach, drinking a cocktail and soaking up some sun. Makes it a bit more authentic.

Cheers to October and happy planning!


The main theme of Caroline and Ryan’s wedding day was traditional and southern. I must say, it does not get more classic than this gorgeous Southern Belle and her husband to be. Caroline was a vision in her Scarlett O’Hara inspired gown and Ryan’s white, dinner jacket just played into the formality that was their wedding day.

I had the pleasure of coordinating their wedding with Sage Innovations‘ owner, Cory Lambert. Cory started working with this adorable couple a year in advance of their wedding. When, six months later, Cory found out she was pregnant with baby girl number two, I stepped in in the final month to finish up the planning and execution of this dream wedding day. With a guest count of over three hundred guests and a two day set up to boot, it was certainly a challenge, but a beautiful one at that. I am happy to announce it was a total success!

The color scheme held mostly greens and whites, with accents of golds and silvers that played into the polished look Caroline had always been dreaming of. With three floral and greenery chandeliers hanging over the dance floor, I would say that, and the garden created in front of the six piece band, were some dramatic focal pieces.

Get swept away in this gorgeous wedding at the grand Lowndes Grove here in Charleston, South Carolina.

Happy Planning!