The main theme of Caroline and Ryan’s wedding day was traditional and southern. I must say, it does not get more classic than this gorgeous Southern Belle and her husband to be. Caroline was a vision in her Scarlett O’Hara inspired gown and Ryan’s white, dinner jacket just played into the formality that was their wedding day.

I had the pleasure of coordinating their wedding with Sage Innovations‘ owner, Cory Lambert. Cory started working with this adorable couple a year in advance of their wedding. When, six months later, Cory found out she was pregnant with baby girl number two, I stepped in in the final month to finish up the planning and execution of this dream wedding day. With a guest count of over three hundred guests and a two day set up to boot, it was certainly a challenge, but a beautiful one at that. I am happy to announce it was a total success!

The color scheme held mostly greens and whites, with accents of golds and silvers that played into the polished look Caroline had always been dreaming of. With three floral and greenery chandeliers hanging over the dance floor, I would say that, and the garden created in front of the six piece band, were some dramatic focal pieces.

Get swept away in this gorgeous wedding at the grand Lowndes Grove here in Charleston, South Carolina.

Happy Planning!


Congratulations! You’re engaged! You have called, texted, or messaged every single family member and friend that you know of to tell them the good news. And now it is time to get the planning started for your wedding day. But before you get too carried away in your dreams of having a seven tier cake and Van Morrison singing live in the background, start talking budget. Yes, I know it can be a hard and uncomfortable topic, but I promise you, you will not regret getting it out of the way before you fall head over heels with those floating, crystal chandeliers to later find out they don’t fit in with the allowance. Now that you have that number in mind, if it seems to be a bit lower than you were expecting, I have created a list of helpful areas you can cut back on that may not affect your vision, but will certainly help your budget.

Let’s do some budget planning, y’all!

Lounge Set

Rentals from Ooh! Events, Photography by Clay Austin Photography

Maria Stevenson emailed us at Sage Innovations in the beginning of December, 2015 in search of the perfect wedding planner for her intimate, outdoor wedding in April. We scheduled a call for later that week and instantly hit it off! I was immediately drawn to her “happy go lucky” personality and love for life. As we got to chatting, I knew I had to be her planner, and luckily, she felt the same. We got to planning right away on this romantic affair and as you will see, it turned out to be gorgeous, overcast event.

But first, I want to tell you the fairytale story that is Maria and Ryan’s love. They met while Maria was visiting home in Oklahoma and was persuaded to join a group of her guy friends out for dinner. When she was seated across from Ryan, she knew that something was different about him. (As we all know now, that difference was love.) Fast forward a couple of years later where Ryan got down on one knee early one Monday morning while Maria was still in bed with coffee in one hand and a ring in the other. As Ryan had discovered, Maria’s favorite day of the week is Monday as it is a fresh start and her favorite thing to do when she first wakes is to drink a cup of coffee in bed. Seems like he has got her number, don’t you think?! If their love isn’t apparent enough, then I believe you will see it plastered all over these gorgeous pictures from Keely Montoya‘s collection.

Happy Planning!

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