When it comes to creating your dream wedding, the first things you need to book are your venue, planner, photographer, and entertainment. After that, all of the little details to fall into place. Although, one of the most important aspects of a wedding, the thing that makes it a true event, are the rentals! Jennifer Cunningham, one of Snyder Events amazing sales members, is our go-to girl here at Sage Innovations. Not only is she incredibly detail oriented and organized but she is amazing at her job! It is people like her that make our jobs that much easier. On today’s Wedding Wednesday Spotlight, she will share some funny stories from the oddest requests she has received to the advice she would give to her younger self. Learn more about this fabulous Charleston vendor below!

©Keely Montoya | www.keely-yount.com

©Keely Montoya | www.keely-yount.com

Being a wedding planner, you feel extra pressure to keep every detail organized for a wedding. From the timeline to the execution of the event, there are many little things to keep in mind. Although I take on that stress every week, I still don’t think I could take on the pressure of a photographer to capture every little moment of your event. Brides dream about the moment their groom sees them for the first time and how their place setting looks with all of the custom made place cards and without the talent of a fantastic photographer, those details can be lost.

Luckily, with Sean Money and Elizabeth Fay, you never have to worry about them missing those little elements. Their attention to detail is impeccable and their outgoing personalities make you want be around them all day! I am thrilled to share one of my FAVORITE photography duos with you as well as their GORGEOUS pictures. Check out what they have to say about their professions and experience below, y’all.


I don’t know if you all have learned this about me but I am all about bridal fashion! And these Kate McDonald Bridal maids dresses are right up my alley. I am thrilled to share their newest collection with you all today through these gorgeous pictures captured by Perry Vaile Photography at the fabulous Middleton Place here in Charleston, South Carolina. If you are still in search of  unique bridesmaid dresses where your girls can pick their own style, then look no further than Kate McDonald.I have fallen in love with their pastel color scheme with the pops of jewel tones. They would be perfect for any Charleston wedding of mine….(hint, hint Sage brides!)

Happy Planning, y’all!


When it comes to wedding reception music, I am more of a band girl because I like the aspect of live music and interaction….BUT, if we are talking about Darby Events, then I am ALL for a DJ! Stephen Darby puts a very unique twist on the classic wedding DJ and it is incredible (you will see in some of his videos below). Now I don’t want to give too much away, but Stephen’s skills vary in many different spectrums. Find out how he got started and the hilarious requests he has gotten from client’s in his Wedding Wednesday Spotlight!