Maria Stevenson emailed us at Sage Innovations in the beginning of December, 2015 in search of the perfect wedding planner for her intimate, outdoor wedding in April. We scheduled a call for later that week and instantly hit it off! I was immediately drawn to her “happy go lucky” personality and love for life. As we got to chatting, I knew I had to be her planner, and luckily, she felt the same. We got to planning right away on this romantic affair and as you will see, it turned out to be gorgeous, overcast event.

But first, I want to tell you the fairytale story that is Maria and Ryan’s love. They met while Maria was visiting home in Oklahoma and was persuaded to join a group of her guy friends out for dinner. When she was seated across from Ryan, she knew that something was different about him. (As we all know now, that difference was love.) Fast forward a couple of years later where Ryan got down on one knee early one Monday morning while Maria was still in bed with coffee in one hand and a ring in the other. As Ryan had discovered, Maria’s favorite day of the week is Monday as it is a fresh start and her favorite thing to do when she first wakes is to drink a cup of coffee in bed. Seems like he has got her number, don’t you think?! If their love isn’t apparent enough, then I believe you will see it plastered all over these gorgeous pictures from Keely Montoya‘s collection.

Happy Planning!

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The difference between an ordinary wedding and an extraordinary one is the use of paper goods, in my opinion. They can truly make a wedding or event that much more personal and special with the addition of a simple menu and matching place card. Of course, I do consider these to be a luxury item, so if your budget permits, I always encourage my couples to consider adding in paper goods to their wedding decor. Yes, I know you are thinking I may biased as I do do the social media and marketing for a paper goods boutique here in Charleston (The Silver Starfish, if you didn’t know), but I promise you, I have always felt this way.

To back up my claims, I wanted to show you all some examples of paper goods being used in many different ways at weddings. It doesn’t just include your invitation suite, nowadays! Get creative and add a unique place card to your table settings, or design a fun and festive program for your guests to read while they wait for your entrance. See what I mean about these little details going a long way in the pictures below.

Invitation Suites:


Design- The Petal Report, Photo- Colleen Donaldson, Paper Goods- Paper Birch Designs

I thoroughly enjoyed assisting on this wedding with Cory of Sage Innovations. Seeing this wedding, which Cory had been planning with Casey and Wiley for two years, come together was magical. As you all know, I am ALL about some bright colors so this wedding was right up my alley. I fell in love with the “big as your face” yellow peonies and the hand, calligraphed seating chart and program done by the bride herself. Not only could the couple have been any sweeter, but their family’s were just as easy to work with. And you know it is going to be a beautiful and joyous occasion when the radar says rain all week until the day of the wedding when it is clear as day. Needless to say, this wedding was one for the books and I can’t wait for you all fall in love with it as well!

Happy Planning!